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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Flights shows that you can save money and still get a good flight
Even in the best of economic times, it is important to know how to get the most for your money. When times are a little tougher, knowing how to save becomes an essential skill. But sometimes when we try to save money, we actually end up getting less than we bargained for. That is because the things that are the cheapest aren’t necessarily the best. Once in a while, we encounter a situation where we actually get more than we pay for. It’s rare, but it happens. If you deal with Spirit Airlines, you will become accustomed to getting more than you pay for. Spirit Airline has made it their mission to give their customers more for their money. Their strategy is simple and effective.
Spirit Airlines unconventional approach to dealing with their customers is in line with their unconventional beginnings. Spirit Airways actually started as a trucking company in 1964. Yes, a trucking company. But in 1980, the company decided to branch out and enter the airline industry. At that time, they were known as Charter One and they were mostly an airline for pleasure travelers. Charter One flew mainly to the big vacation destinations of Atlantic City, Las Vegas and the Bahamas. Business was so good that they expanded to other cities and become a full scale airline. With the change came a new name - Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines Still Flew to Vacations Spots

They added places like Myrtle Beach, Los Angeles and New York City. They also broadened their focus and started targeting Spanish speaking travelers. They added flights to San Juan, Puerto Rico and added Spanish speaking customer service reps. The interest from those flights caused Spirit Airlines to expand to other destinations in Central and South America.The Spirit learned to recognize what their customers were seeking and they gave it to them. That is what led Spirit to another important change in their corporate strategy. Their new strategy would help define them.

In 2007, Spirit Air decided that they wanted to become an ultra low cost carrier. An ultra low cost airline is one that charges a low price for a seat and then charges additional fees for extras. Passengers can choose what extras they need or don’t need. At the time, it was a revolutionary concept and travelers immediately recognized that they could save money with Spirit Airways. A traveler could get a cheap airfare and then for a little extra, they could get a larger seat or a beverage and snack if they wanted.
Just because Spirit is an ultra low cost airline, that doesn’t mean that you get shortchanged on customer service or availability. Spirit flies some of the newest, most advanced aircraft in the world. Spirit flies to major destinations every day and they have all of the amenities that the larger airlines have. You can still book your flight online, fly in a safe aircraft and be served by a caring and courteous staff. You will receive of the perks and amenities of a larger airline without paying a fortune. That alone is the best reason why you should consider Spirit Airlines the next time you have to travel.

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