Crescent Beach Resort

5 Reasons We Should Go To Crescent Beach Resort (Iowa)

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

The lovely Crescent Beach Resort is often the place where families from Iowa book their vacation. The top things to do in Crescent Beach Resort are listed below, so check out this family friendly hotel.

Visit the Arnolds Park
Your stay at the Crescent Beach Resort in Iowa makes for the perfect occasion to get tickets to the Arnolds Park Amusement Park. The Amusement Park includes a thrilling roller-coaster, an interesting museum, and you can even go on a cruise. Don’t worry about the museum’s admission fee because there is no such thing.

Go to the Treasure Village
Spend a day out with your family by going to the Treasure Village. Some of the coolest child related attractions can be encountered here. Start your visit by watching a theatrical performance for the entire family, then follow up with playing some mini-golf. You can even go on a shopping spree, as several flea markets are located in the Village.

Engage in a water sport
Are you the kind of person who is always seeking for a new kind of thrill? Then you should give parasailing a try. Prices start at $75, and if you are too scared, you can just watch someone else getting adventurous. You can also rent a boat or just go surfing.

Go to the beach
If you are interested in spending your time just catching some sun, the beach is not far from the resort. While not very large, the beach has very soft sand and thus is perfect for an early morning walk or volleyball.

Visit the Parks Marina
If you want to buy a boat or perhaps just go on a ride and get entertained, Parks Marina should be on your list. Parks Marina also hosts seasonal events and private parties. Take your family there for a glass of beer, a nice meal and end the day with some cookies from Okoboji Boat Works.