Visit Elko SnoBowl

The Reasons to Visit Elko SnoBowl

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

The Elko SnoBowl is the favorite place to go to for the locals whenever they want to have some fun. The location is opened for anyone in search for new experiences, so let’s find out what are the Top 5 things to do in Elko SnoBowl (Nevada).

Learn how to ski
Beginners at skiing can use the rope tow if they want to practice this winter sport and not get injured. Other show related activities that can be practiced here are snowshoeing and sledding. For any other activity it is best to ask the locals or the staff.

This ski hill is maintained by the community and volunteers. Those in search for a volunteering opportunity can check this skiing hill out. One way you can volunteer is by helping at creating new trails. Usually the organizers will provide both tools and at least one meal.

Mountain biking
Riding the bike is possible whenever there is no snow and dry land. Locals like to ride their bikes during summer. If you’re not a local you should be warned that the summer here is really hot and there are no trees in sight. While the biking trails seem deserted, this could be a good thing if you want some quiet time all by yourself.

Visit the California Trail Historic Interpretive Center
If you’re in Elko you need to stop by this center and you have to reasons to do so. One of them is that you’ll be near it. The second reason is that you’ll most likely spend the nights in the City of Elko as the SnoBowl has no hotels. This center offers a glimpse into the times when people were trying to conquer the West.

Enjoy the nightlife
Since you’re in the City of Elko you might as well enjoy its nightlife. One of the casinos that stands out is the Good Time Charlee's.