Emerson Resort & Spa (New York)

Top 5 things to do in Emerson Resort & Spa (New York)

  • By Phil AS
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Choosing the top 5 things to do in Emerson Resort & Spa (New York) is a difficult task. However the chosen activities are sure to keep you busy and entertained while relaxation will creep up on you.

Get married
Getting married at the Emerson is the best choice you could make. The location offers amazing views that can be incorporated in the wedding photos. The resort offers various wedding packages, services, facilities, and menus. Your ceremony and reception will be as perfect as you hope them to be.

High class meetings
It is clear that a resort able to host a  whole wedding can also host high class meetings. The meeting rooms cater to the participants’ various needs, such as internet connectivity, audio and visual equipment, meeting attendant, and more. A resort is perfect for a meeting because at the end of the day many relaxation options await.

Take care of your health
Being healthy should be everyone’s priority. The Emerson spa is a place where your wellbeing comes first. There are 10 treatment rooms for massages, reflexology, hot stones, and other services. Even pregnant women can enjoy a massage specially designed for them.

Check out the fitness center
You can sign up for some fitness classes if you have no idea of what to do in a gym. The fitness center is also the place to be for those interested in yoga and pilates. Ask about the various packages that offer several services for a discounted price.

Amazing shopping
It doesn’t really matter what you want to buy while in a vacation because at the Emerson you can find it all. However one of the most popular place to buy something at is the Kaleidostore. This is the place to find unique kaleidoscopes. Make sure to learn about their history and magic before purchasing especially if you’re not familiar with them.