Enchanted Forest Ski Area (New Mexico)

Top 5 things to do in Enchanted Forest Ski Area (New Mexico)

  • By Phil AS
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

When traveling, most people are looking for two things: recommendations for a nice destination, and some fun activities. Hopefully this top 5 things to do in Enchanted Forest Ski Area (New Mexico) will meet at least the second requirement.

Ski under the moonlight
The weather is ever changing and therefore skiing under the full moon is one of the secrets at the Enchanted Forest Ski Area. The activity involves a fire by the yurt, smores, and hot drinks. For absolute beginners snowshoeing under the full moon is the better activity to choose.

Ski even if you have young kids
Enchanted Forest has what is commonly referred to as a pulk. This is a small covered sled that you pull while you ski. You can use it to have fun with your kid on the slopes of for a picnic. Make sure that everything is under 60 pounds.

Skiing with your dog
Most dogs love playing in the snow and they would love nothing else but to be included in our winter activities. You won’t be required to use a leash on your dog, unless he doesn’t listen to commands. You still have to clean after your dog if he litters the trails.

Camping in a yurt
Camping is available throughout the year, in a yurt. This is a semi-primitive lodging experience, and you will have to bring your own food, water, and bedding, including sleeping bags. You will be responsible for carrying your stuff to the yurt and for cleaning it. Snowmobile delivery for your stuff is available in winter only.

Shopping in Red River
Shopping in Red River is an unique experience because you won’t be finding mass produced goods. You’ll be able to buy stuff you need to survive your camping adventure or get stuff you simply forgot for the slopes.