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The Fare Club and Free Spirit™, the leading miles and savings program of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, the leading ultra low cost airlines in the US also has one of the most versatile frequent flyer programs in the skies: Free Spirit™. Once you have enrolled for Free Spirit™, you can use your Free Spirit number when booking your flight or vacation online and you will be eligible for the miles. Miles are awarded to the actual customer travelling and are a great way to enjoy even further savings with Spirit Airlines.
Moreover, the $9 Fare Club is one of the best ways to participate in even lower fares and deals from Spirit Airlines. Both are simple to join and the Fare Club offers members access to exclusive deals and offers from Spirit Airlines and its partners. So whether you are looking for a hotel or car rental or other travel necessities like insurance, the Fare Club should be the first place you search. For a minimal annual fee of $59.95 you can take advantage of huge savings on your travel and even on checked in bags and be assured of some of the cheapest and best value holiday and other deals available on the market.
The savings don’t just stop there, if you get the Spirit World MasterCard, you are guaranteed that one hundred per cent of your miles will be credited to your account as you will automatically be enrolled in the Free Spirit™ air miles program . Moreover, with the Spirit World MasterCard you will receive preferred boarding and check in facilities and there are no caps to the number of air miles you can earn. The first year’s fees have been waived so you can take advantage of all the offers from Spirit Airlines and once you pay the second years annual fees, you will automatically get credited with 5000 miles as a bonus. Use your Spirit World MasterCard for all your shopping needs and you will be on your way to free flights and vacations to some of the leading destinations around the world.
Spirit has also negotiated air miles for its program with some of the leading companies in the world so you can collect them when not only flying but also a myriad of other things. For example, Spirit’s deal with Hertz, a name synonymous with great car rental, means that you can fly and drive and still continue to earn miles towards further savings. If you book your stay with Choice Hotels through their website, you can take advantage of earning miles for your Spirit account as well so if you are travelling to Chicago or the Caribbean, be sure to look into the option that will not only save you money but also help pay for your next trip!
The opportunities with Spirit Airlines are endless and the online account facility for your Free Spirit™ account means that you can keep track of the miles you have accrued and spend them on the holiday or flight of your choice. And also, as a bonus, Spirit Airlines will, from time to time, offer you free air miles for completing customer satisfaction and other surveys. SO taking a few minutes to answer some simple questions could also be an easy way to accumulate the Free Spirit™ miles.
Enrolling in Spirit Airline’s air miles program  and joining the Fare Club definitely has its benefits and if you are a cost conscious traveller, you should take advantage of these services.

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