Inn on the Alameda

The Reasons to Visit Inn on the Alameda (New Mexico)

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

The Inn on the Alameda might as well look like your dream home, or your parents’ house. Either way, you’ll feel very comfortable when sleeping here for even one night. You should find out why would you want to stay here in the first place. Read this top 5 things to do in Inn on the Alameda (New Mexico).

Plan a meeting
Thanks to the Santa Fe Community Convention Center almost any meeting can take place here. Should be happy there is a specific center for this sole purpose or the guests of this inn would complain a lot about the high traffic of people.

Have something to eat
Do you prefer Italian, Greek, Middle Eastern, or vegetarian dishes? It doesn’t matter because in Santa Fe all of these cuisines are available, and then some. You might be surprised but most of the dishes will have a taste of Santa Fe.

Go on a tour of the area
The tour can be self guided or you can ask the locals to show you around. While most people would love walking, a bike would make a better choice.  Be warned that wherever you go you will see Native American art and general culture.

Get a gift
With the amount of stores found in Santa Fe you are certain to find a good present for some of your friends. Some of them might like jewelry, music, or cosmetics. Just make sure to buy something made locally for a bigger impact.

Go to the spa
Tourists coming in the area will feel lost in the amount of places where they offer a beauty treatment. Some of the spas even offer massage lessons. If you know someone suffering from powerful pains, now you’ll know how to help them out in a natural way.