Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Five reasons to go to Kiawah Island Golf Resort (South Carolina)

  • By Phil AS
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

There is no need to settle on something less than an amazing resort, so read five reasons to go to Kiawah Island Golf Resort.

Fine dining and restaurant
The restaurant serves fresh food everyday, and the meals can be cooked in front of your eyes. Sit back and enjoy some delicious sea food, an entree or a yummy dessert. The restaurant is open for dinner, and breakfast is offered at the buffet. When you need a drink, head over to the bar for a great selection of wines and cocktails.

Trips to the beach
There is nothing more wonderful than spending a summer vacation close to the beach. Kiawah Island Golf Resort provides a private beach where you can have the intimacy you need. The resort's beach is always guarded, and you can get towels and chairs for free.

Play golf or tennis
Many guests of the resort enjoy playing sports, so why not practice your skills once you are here. If you haven't learned how to play golf just yet, you should know that lessons are held on a constant basis or on request. Maybe you like tennis better, so gran your racket and head over to the court for a match.

Events and wedding ceremonies
Maybe you always dreamed of a beach wedding, and now your wishes can come true. All you need to do is select the wedding package you want, and then let the staff take care of the planning. The wedding receptions can also be held at one of the venues.

Have a massage
The spa is the place where you can relieve your stress and come back home with a fresh spirit. The luxurious spa offers holistic therapies, aromatherapy sessions, and of course facials. Relax and enjoy a glass of champagne while your body is being pampered with the best treatments.