LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

5 Reasons We Should Go To LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

If you love the beach you’ll love coming to the LaPlaya Resort. If you’re not a fan of the beach, there still are other 5 reasons we should go to LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort (Florida), so keep on reading.

To enjoy Christmas in an original manner
Not everyone has snow for Christmas and thus they may not like a white Christmas. They can go to the LaPlaya Resort to laze around the pool watching a movie, spotting elfs, or even Santa. Make sure to take a picture with Santa before Christmas as he will be busy that day.

You want to enjoy some water related activities
The water around the resort is not just for swimming. Activities such as parasailing, kayaking, fishing and sailing are other possible experiences you can now say you like. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to some of these are done because you also have classes to sign up for. Some of them have a minimum age requirement.

Go to the zoo
The Naples Zoo is not located in the resort, but close-by. This zoo is almost 100 years old, and features zebras, wild dogs, apes, and tigers. Of course, other species are also present but only a visit will reveal them all.

To go shopping
There are 2 main area where shopping is at its finest: the Mercato Shops and the Fifth Avenue. Restaurants, European antiquities, a theatre, and fine wines, are just a selection of what you can find there.

To visit a museum
There may be several museums in Naples, but the one you must stop by is the Collier Automotive Museum. You will rarely have the chance to see up close the most profound automotive innovations that led us to where we are today. You might even say this is luxury at its finest.