Marco Beach Ocean Resort

5 Reasons We Should Go To Marco Beach Ocean Resort

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Those who want to have a luxurious vacation may want to look into booking a room at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort, found on the Marco Island. If you’re not familiar with this resort you may want to know at least 5 reasons we should go to Marco Beach Ocean Resort (Florida).

To take advantage of a nature tour
This island is part of the Ten Thousand Islands, an area housing more than 200 animals and especially birds. The birds inhabiting this space are either exotic or domestic. You can choose a guided tour, one in an airboat, by bike, canoe, and trams. The tours are offered by the various organizations taking preserving the area.

You can get entertained
The Marco Island Center for the Arts, Artis Naples better known as The Phil, and the Community Theatre, are just 3 locations where you can enjoy musicals, comedy plays, music played by the orchestra, and even children’s theatre. The cultural scene is indeed varied here.

You can visit a museum
The Marco Island Historical Museum stands out because it is dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the history in the Marco Island-Goodland region. The museum also educated the public in this regard.

Because you like both golf and tennis
You can bring your own golf clubs or you can rent some if you want to play some golf. The golf course is near the hotel and meets really high standards. There is also a tennis club near the hotel for when you want to change the type of ball you’re playing with.

Because you want to take some cooking lessons
Cooking looks really easy when the pros are doing it. You can take a step closer to becoming a professional with the classes offered at this resort. The classes are usually offered for groups only.