Ocean Key Resort & Spa, Key West

5 Reasons We Should Go To Ocean Key Resort & Spa, Key West

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

You probably already know that not all resorts are the same. Some of them have child appropriate activities available, others are close to cultural centers, and others offer impeccable services. The Ocean Key Resort offers most of these, so these are 5 reasons we should go to Ocean Key Resort & Spa, Key West.

To have an amazing wedding
The beach is very romantic when it comes to hosting a wedding ceremony. The Ocean Terrace is the best location on the island for a wedding. The Sunset Pier seems to be the best place to host your wedding party, especially if you want one in the evening.

To go visit a museum
If you like visiting museums you’re in luck because this destination has several of them. The most interesting museums are the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum, the Curry Mansion Museum, and the former house of Ernest Hemingway.

Go to the Southernmost Point
Some locations become famous because of their position in regard to other locations. This point is the one Southernmost Point in regard to the Continental US. As an interesting curiosity, there are 90 miles separating this point and Cuba. Even if you’re a good swimmer it is best not to try and swim all the way to Cuba.

Go to the dolphin center
This is the Dolphin Research Center and its main purpose is to find out everything about these mammals. You have the chance to learn more about these beautiful animals and even swim with them. Make sure you book your visit and swim session before hand.

Visit the National Key Deer Refuge
One thing is sure: not many people expect to see or to find deers in this parts of Florida. However this refuge offers a natural habitat to these amazing animals. The refuge is located 100 miles away from the City of Miami.