One Ocean Hotel & Spa, Atlantic Beach

5 Reasons We Should Go To One Ocean Hotel & Spa, Atlantic Beach

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

As tourists, we all need to learn more about the place we plan on staying at. We liked reading more about the varied Florida hotels, so check out the 5 reasons we should go to One Ocean Hotel & Spa, Atlantic Beach.

Visit the Adventure Landing Park
Are you on a relaxing family trip? Check out the Adventure Landing Park, a place where kids and adults alike have fun. The park has many great attractions, starting with an arcade and ending with a cool roller coaster. Events are hosted here often, and you may even get discounted tickets if you are in luck!

Go to St. John's Town Center
You may wish to go do some shopping while in town, and this large mall is full of designer boutiques and brand names. You can also eat here while watching the ocean and enjoying the sunny weather. St. John's Town Center is a must see when you are in Jacksonville, so it will be worth your time.

Visit Historic St. Augustine
Not very far from the One Ocean Hotel & Spa you will encounter a lovely town called St. Augustine. This historical place includes small art galleries, places to eat at, shops and a lot of history.

Drive to The Ponte Vedra Cultural Center
The Cultural Center is situated 7 miles from the hotel, and the place where workshops and art lessons are held for any tourist who wants to improve their skills. You can also attend various other classes and maybe even go on a summer camp. Your age does not matter as long as you love art!

Cummer Museum of Arts and Gardens
This art museum contains some of the world's most renewed art from any time period. Visitors get the chance to see modern art, but also pieces of work dating back to the Middle Ages.