Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes

5 Reasons We Should Go To Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes (Florida)

  • By Susy K
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Out of Florida's numerous hotels, the luxurious resorts are the perfect way for a tourist to enjoy a lovely vacation. We all need to rest assured we made the right decision about where to stay, and these are 5 reasons we should go to Ritz-Carlton Orlando, in Florida at the Grande Lakes.

JW Griffin Cooking School
Have you always wanted to learn more about professional cooking? Ritz-Carlton Orlando offers cooking classes taught by experienced chefs. You will get guidance on how to create both simple and sophisticated dishes, as well as how to combine spices and ingredients.

Vitale Spa Cafe
Any visitor needs to take some time to wind down and forget about all the daily stress. Vitale Spa Cafe is the ideal location to get some replenishment after you workout. The hotel offers dance classes, so go to the Spa Cafe and get your energy back with a healthy smoothie after.

Florida is a state which is highly focused on preserving the nature, and as a tourist you may like to take an eco-tour. During the tour you will be taught more about the area's history while seeing the sea life and enjoy an active day.

Go to the pool
The pool at Ritz-Carlton Orlando offers the much needed relaxation but also tons of fun. If you want to dine right by the pool, Bleu provides selective snacks and finger foods. The pool is also the right environment for a romantic dinner with that special person in your life.

Go on a fishing excursion
Even if you want to experience a glamorous vacation, fishing is always a fun thing to do. It doesn't matter if you like to go fishing alone or with friends, you may enjoy a boat excursion. The resort organizes fishing excursions for prices starting with $40 per adult, and $30 for children.