San Juan

Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in San Juan (Puerto Rico)

  • By Alex S
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

Come to the island of Puerto Rico and experience the following things in San Juan:
Castillo de San Felipe del Morro
This is one of Old San Juan's famous landmarks. It is a six-level citadel that protected the island and is rich in military history from 1500 to today. See old cannons, a sentry box, and how the soldiers worked and lived.
Calle del Cristo
Open only on Tuesdays, the Calle del Crito chapel has an attractive silver and gold altar. Built in 1753, it is in honor of a man who was run down in a horse race. Some say he died and the chapel was built to block that sort of thing from happening again, and some say he lived and the chapel was built due to that miracle.
Faro de las Cabezas de San Juan
A nature reserve named after a 19th-century lighthouse with the same name near here. It has lots of good trails and boardwalks in the park, as well as observation desks where you can get a good view of the rainforest and some of Puerto Rico’s islands. There are tours provided.
Isla Verde Beach
This is one of the most popular beaches with both locals and tourists. It has beautiful white sand, lots of restaurants, shady trees, parking sites and shower facilities.
Convento De Los Dominicos
Located in the north part of the old city, this convent was built in 1523 by Dominican Friars. It has served as a church, a fort, and even island headquarters of the US Army. It has a small museum and you can also buy souvenirs.
Plaza de Colón
Originally called St. James Square, in 1893 it was renamed to honor the explorer Christopher Columbus on the 400th anniversary of his discovery of Puerto Rico. There is a statue of Columbus, as well as bronze plaques about his life.