San Pedro Sula

Top 3 places to see and top 3 things to do in San Pedro Sula (Honduras)

  • By Alex S
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

San Pedro Sula offers tourists a variety of theaters, shopping facilities, and sports and it once had a large banana export business. It is in the northern part of Honduras. Here are some things to see and do:

San Pedro Cathedral
This cathedral takes up the space of a full city block. It has tall yellow walls and pillars, as well as paintings of the Catholic saints and wooden statues of the saints.

Museo de la Naturaleza

With more than 80 exhibits, the Museo de la Naturaleza covers all kinds of natural history, from dinosaurs to biology, ecology and space. The signs are in Spanish, and you must ask for the key to get inside from the FundaciĆ³n Ecologista HR Pastor, who stays around the corner from the museum.

Parque Nacional El Cusuco

El Cusuco National Cloud Forest Park is one of the country’s best and is slightly west of San Pedro Sula, in the inspiring Merendon Mountain Range. It’s famous for a tropical bird called the Quetzal, which is near extinction due to loss of its habitat and hunting for its brilliant feathers.

Biocentre Museum

If you are interested in eco-tourism, the information held her on the area flora and fauna will be useful. There is also a huge collection of preserved reptiles on display.

Cultural Center Sampedrano

The Centro Cultural Sampedrano hosts the local cultural events and exhibits, as well as the local public library and two theaters.

Guamilito Market (National Association of Artisans)

Guamilito Market is the largest market for souvinirs and gifts.  You can find all kinds handicrafts, flowers, vegetables, and much much more, as this market is stocked with everything you can think of from this area of the world.