Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Five reasons to visit Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn

  • By Phil AS
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

These days it is very easy to find accommodation no matter where you go and for what purpose. However some places do stand out from the rest through their service and the extras they offer. There are at least five reasons to visit Southard House Bed and Breakfast Inn, and you can find them right here.

To worship
Surely not everyone wants to go to church or has the same religion, however those who want to pray can do so at one of the many churches in town. Feel free to ask the staff about a specific faith you might be interested in. Those who don't believe in any god can still go to a place of worship to admire the architecture.

Play some golf
Golf has a long history of being associated with luxury and the elite class. The City of Enid has several public golf courses, one of them being a miniature golf and another one having just 9 holes.

Go see some historic center
The inn's staff recommends visiting the Waverly or Kenwood Historic District, but going to see both is a much better idea. If you want a little hint, the Southard House is found in Kenwood Historic District. The Humphrey Heritage Village is another place you should go see if you're interested in the history of the Cherokee Strip.

Relax in the park
Enid has several parks available where people go to unwind, run, or simply watch over their children play. There are more than 30 such parks, and if you want more adventures, seek out the state parks around the city.

Go on a tour
There are tours around the city for everyone interested during the warmer months. Choose a wagon or a walking tour, or find out when re-enactments take place as those are always more interesting.