The Whiteface Lodge

Five reasons to go to The Whiteface Lodge (New York)

  • By Phil AS
  • Travel Tips
  • 01.05.2016

If you love wood decorations and finishes, you have a very good reason to stay at The Whiteface Lodge. If not, you might need to know other five reasons to go to The Whiteface Lodge (New York), so read on!

To go to the spa
All you have to do when going to the spa at this lodge is say what treatment you want, and it will happen. You can choose between Aroma-Sensory Massage, exfoliation, manicures and pedicures, however the list doesn’t stop here. Better try and get a package for a price deal.

Have a wedding
You can plan a wedding event from top to bottom. Additionally you can have professionals to help you every step of this stressful process for a perfect day. You have more venues to choose from, food tasting and even special drinks available. Your guests will get a preferred room price and you can even spend your honeymoon here.

High Falls Gorge is where you should go for an exciting hiking trail. It involved amazing views, bridges, ancient granite cliffs, and walkways. Remember to bring your camera, and make sure you’re not scared of heights, though you should be safe at all times.

Visit The Wild Center
This is a museum dedicated to everything that lives in the area. This museum is part a zoo because it features alive animals. Visitors can feed the animals should they want to. However, to reach this center you need to drive about half an hour to Tupper Lake, NY.

Go on a gondola ride
The gondola holds up to 8 people. The ride will take you to the top of the Little Whiteface in about 15 minutes. At the top of the mountain you’ll find a viewing deck and even some place for a picnic, so make sure to bring some snacks.